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Portland Cutter
Unrestored sleigh in solid condition- Would make a great Xmas Lawn Decoration or return to driving condition No shafts included!



Portlland Cutter

McLaughlin Carriage Co.(Circa 1915) -  Restored ready to drive two seater cutter with shafts - Very Nice Condition

Four Passenger Bob Sleigh

Restored Two Seat Sleigh on light bobs- Excellent condition - comes with Draft Size Shafts but could be fitted with pole or lighter shafts

Price - $1000


Makers tag says J. B. Armstrong , Guelph Ontario - This is one of the best original sleighs we have had to offer. The Dash , Body, Floor . Seats and Shafts are all original with no dry rot or checks. Rein Rail and Brass Side Trim are without fault and should buff up to a nice finnish. Seats should be recovered but are all intact and the original springs are good  Includes original shaft bells


Light Bob Sleigh
Light Bobsleigh

Nice Condition -      Restored light bob sleigh with drop pole. Set up for light horses but would also work for 13 h plus pair ponies
Price - $1200       Sale price $1000

Four Passenger Sleigh
Four passenger sleigh

New -  Attractive sleigh with classic design features. Comes with shafts for larger horse but could be fitted with pole as well. Suits 15 h to 16 h


Original Portland Cutter

Original Cutter with doors . Older restoration but in good condition, ready to drive. Both the Shafts and the Runners are excellent condition.


Restored Portland Cutter

Nice restoration with exceptional pinstripe detail Tufted Upholstery , Brass Rein Rail and New Shafts with Paten Leather, Carpet on floor.  Makers tag reads Courtland Wagon Co.

Price $2400   Sale Price $1995

Courtland N.Y. P1040408French-Canadian Farm Sleigh
French-Canadian Farm Sleigh
Ready to drive condition Solid body and runners
Price - $200

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