The Freedom Therapeutic is a comfortable lightweight two wheeled carriage developed in conjunction with disabled and experienced able bodied whips. Approved by the British Riding and Driving for the Disabled Association, the Freedom Therapeutic Carriage is the obvious choice for special needs driving

Available is sizes to fit 11 to 15 hh

Approx 400 lbs
Base Price - $7,650.00 US Funds

Included in  Base Price:
- Footsteps
- Small aluminum hubcaps
- Standard paneling mudguards
- Ramp
- Single seat with back
- Pair of Standard Shafts
- Standard splashboard panel
- Plain vinyl or imitation cord upholstery
- Choice of wheel paint color

image-162089-Freedom Therapeutic (2).jpg?1457468229129

image-162088-Freedom 3.jpg?1457469176192
image-162087-Freedom 2.jpg?1457469571094

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